Comic 21 - 26-28 September 2010
28th Sep 2010, 1:43 PM
26-28 September 2010
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Author Notes:
Megan LeBoeuf edit delete
Megan LeBoeuf
Sorry for the delay! I was incapacitated. Captured by a supervillain and left dangling over a pit of flesh-eating raptors, to be specific. But thanks to the efforts of a close friend/superhero of mine, I'm back now! I'll do my left-handed comic tomorrow.
User comments:
Dani Long (Guest) edit delete
Tee hee... awesome comic! I especially love the cat and Czech culture panels. Such great expression with so few lines. Found you through instructables.
Megan LeBoeuf edit delete
Megan LeBoeuf
Thanks very much! It's always motivating to get feedback from people who read these things. :)