Comic 40 - 25 October 2010 [Left-Handed Monday]
30th Oct 2010, 5:27 AM
25 October 2010 [Left-Handed Monday]
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Megan LeBoeuf edit delete
Megan LeBoeuf
The difference is truly astounding. I've ridden the metro maybe 15 times since I got these crutches, and I've only been offered a seat twice. Let me tell you, it's just loads of fun trying to stand on a moving vehicle when you can't put any weight on one of your feet.

Thanks a lot, Czech people.

Until I catch up, I'm going to try to draw two comics a day. I might not catch all the way up to the day of posting though, because sometimes it's just impossible to get it up in time. I'll probably give myself a 2-day buffer or so. I suppose it's time to learn to schedule the comics to go up at midnight or whatever - then a new comic will be up at the same time each day and I can do a few of them in advance when I have the time.

Left-Handed Mondays are inspired by Left-Handed Toons.