Comic 48 - 04 November 2010
11th Nov 2010, 3:05 AM
04 November 2010
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Author Notes:
Megan LeBoeuf edit delete
Megan LeBoeuf
Sorry for the delay again. I need to get in the habit of remembering to schedule these in advance.

So it turns out crutches are annoying for a wide variety of reasons, one of which is that you can't use your hands for anything, like holding food or eating food or carrying food so you can eat it later. Food.
User comments:
JHYW (Guest) edit delete
Why not buy something and hang it in a bag on the handle of your crutches? It might a make it a little harder to get around though...
Megan LeBoeuf edit delete
Megan LeBoeuf
Yeah, I did that a few times to get things around, but I was late and needed to eat something on the way, which was impossible. Also, all the fast food around me was stuff you had to hold on to, no bags available.

Anyway I'm off crutches now. Yay!