Comic 55 - 12 November 2010
18th Nov 2010, 5:00 PM
12 November 2010
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Author Notes:
Megan LeBoeuf edit delete
Megan LeBoeuf
Two years of drawing comics and I'm not really any better than when I started! Practice, they told me. *Scoff!*

This comic is dedicated to all those awesome cartoonists who inspired me to start drawing my own cartoons and to keep drawing them even though I'm not very good at it. Especially the ones who gave me the advice, "just practice and you'll get better." They may have been a bunch of liars, but at least they answered my emails!

Guest starring, in the bottom-left panel:
Kate Beaton, Ryan Pequin (with moustache), and a friend of mine who I always force to read my comics. In the right-hand panel: Ryan Pequin again, Anthony Clark, and John Campbell. I had to guess on drawing some of these because they appear to be camera shy and also I've never actually met them.